About Us

Nsäatá is an African footwear brand that provides the men, women and children of world, with luxurious handmade leather footwear at affordable prices. We bridge the gap between price and premium quality and we are democratising luxury by ensuring that exceptionally crafted shoes are within reach of those who desire them.

Nsäatá started out with providing bespoke and made-to-measure services, which made it possible for people with whatever type of feet they have been blessed with: big, small, wide, narrow or even dissimilar sized feet, to own their ideal pair of shoes. 

Since we launched in February 2016, we have helped over 700 customers own their dream pair of shoes that were uniquely crafted to suit their needs!

Although we started out with bespoke and custom-made shoes, our shoes soon became popular and in high demand by those with standard shoe sizes who wanted them readily available so it wasn’t long before we launched our ready-to-wear line.

With this line, our customers are able to enjoy bespoke quality footwear available at retail prices! The same time, effort, care and precision that goes into making our bespoke shoes also goes into making our ready-to-wear shoes. Each piece is painstakingly handmade with the needs of our customers being given utmost consideration, in terms of fit, comfort, style and quality.

All our shoes are locally made by expertly-trained craftsmen and women using age-old traditions and most of our materials are locally sourced within Africa, as we believe in promoting the sustainable development of our people, our local communities and our continent at large.     

                                                Kenyan women doing Maasai beadwork for NSAATA Africa shoes

 African women weaving traditional Yoruba aso-oke cloth for NSAATA shoes

Culture and heritage are a huge part of Nsäatá Africa, and we aim to incorporate this into every one of our products, whether it is by using traditional shoe-making techniques passed on from generation to generation, to utilising African textiles, beads and craftwork in our designs or African names for our product codes! We currently source craftwork from Ghana, Kenya and Cameroun and we hope to expand to more African countries.

 Traditional African cloth: Adire (Tie-Dye), Aso-Oke  Traditional Kenyan Maasai beadwork for NSAATA sandals

Nsäatá is an acronym for New Shoes Are Always The Answer and this is something we strongly believe in. From putting a smile on a customer's face to promoting the African culture and heritage and to boosting national economy, we believe we can contribute to changing the world, one shoe at a time!




Nsäatá is the brainchild of Chimsom Akah, a lawyer-turned shoemaker. Being blessed with extremely long toes and narrow feet, finding shoes that fit perfectly was almost an impossible task. After making several attempts to have shoes tailor-made for her, with none being able to meet her extremely high standards, she then decided to learn how to make shoes herself.

Chimsom Akah hand-braiding leather for NSAATA shoes, being assisted by a classmate in a wheelchair, at the Friends of the Disabled Centre, Lagos, Nigeria

She took shoe-making courses at an NGO that is close to her heart, the Friends of the Disabled, during her National Service Year in Nigeria. She was then able to make shoes that were of high quality, were exceptionally comfortable, and fit perfectly. It was at this point that Nsäatá was born!

Indeed, what started out as a solution to a personal problem has now transformed into a thriving business that helps people every day!